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Caronavirus Pandemic: Self-Care

Personalised Hypnotherapy Recordings £25

Phone/Web Counselling from £45

Remote Hypnotherapy from £65

Phone/Web Mindfulness/Meditation Sessions from £15

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Relaxession4Schools (From £5 per Child)

Relaxation classes and Exam Stress Management sessions for children and young people in their learning environment. Whether your nursery toddlers need taming, primary school youngsters need calming, or stressed teenagers need de-stressing, HypnoChange4U can offer your pupils friendly, fun and relaxing session/s.

The sessions are run by a qualified hypnotherapist who has more than 9 years experience of providing relaxation in schools.

The sessions aim to help your young people to learn the value and benefit of Relaxation. They will get the opportunity to enjoy some games and activities, whilst at the same time learning how to practice regular relaxation.

The sessions provide your pupils with the skill to use relaxation independently, making this an invaluable and transferable package.

If your child is Home Schooled I also offer private sessions for 1-8 children per group. Please get in touch with any questions or to discuss further.

FREE taster sessions available*

(Please contact me further details and to arrange your Taster Session.)

Here are some of the benefits of Relaxation:

Benefits for your child's body

1 helps release endorphins, a natural chemical that makes you feel happy

2 helps relax muscles and calm the nervous system

3 helps boost the immune system

4 helps promote general good health

5 helps children sleep

Benefits for your child's mind

6 helps calm and clear your child's mind

7 sharpens concentration

8 helps promote positive thinking

9 helps memory retention

10 decreases mental tension

11 reducesstress and anxiety in children

Benefits for your child's emotional wellbeing

12 helps develop children's self- confidence

13 helps develop children's self- esteem

14 improves emotional health and literacy

15 helps develop children's imagination creativity and self-expression


When asked "what do you feel were the highlights of the exam stress management/relaxation session/s?" students in years 11-13 answered:


"They calmed me for the day"

"the breathing"

"less stressed"

"really good way to relax"

"not being so tense"

"feeling relaxed"

"being relaxed with no worries"

"leaving relaxed and not tense"

"breathing techniques"

"being able to stay calm and learning methods"

"feeling relaxed"

"learning how to go into a relaxed state"

"relaxing, calm, non-judgemental"

"All of it"

Other comments:

"The sessions have put me in a lot better mind set for my upcoming exams"

"Mrs Brain-Evans has a calming voice"

"it stopped me being so tense"

"It was an amazing experience and was really useful to help manage stress I didn't know I had"

*Terms and Conditions apply

Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme (£ Contact Me)

Featured in the All-Party Parliamentary Group Report: Mindful Nation UK, and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading mindfulness programmes for children.

This Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme is an 8-week introduction to mindfulness, which consists of 16 one-hour lessons delivered twice a week.

The course introduces mindfulness in a way that that is engaging, relevant, and enjoyable, making use of music, games, activities, experiments, videos, songs and group discussion to convey key concepts as well as teaching mindfulness practices such as mindfulness of breathing and the cultivation of kind awareness.

The core objectives of the course are to enhance the general mental, emotional and social wellbeing of children by improving:




emotional regulation



kindness to others

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes

The mental, emotional and social wellbeing experiences and outcomes in the Curriculum for Excellence emphasize the importance of self-awareness and the ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions. As such, teaching young people how to be mindful directly contributes to their general wellbeing as outlined in the Curriculum for Excellence.

Click here to see the Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme in action:

Click here to see research results: