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Caronavirus Pandemic: Self-Care

Personalised Hypnotherapy Recordings £25

Phone/Web Counselling from £45

Remote Hypnotherapy from £65

Phone/Web Mindfulness/Meditation Sessions from £15

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Meditation Monday (13th April) - Balloon Mediation and a Challenge

Welcome to Monday's Mediation - Imagine floating like a balloon, high in the sky, and experiencing a wonderful feeling of being light and...


HypnoChange4U offers a selection of Hypnosis CDs to suit a variety of needs. Feel free to use my "CDs made to order" service, where you can get a 30 minute Telephone Consultation and Hypnosis CD personalised to your needs, for just £20.

Please contact HypnoChange4U for more details regarding this service.

Alternatively you can chose from my pre-recorded CDs shown below. Treat yourself or someone else to these great gifts, and improve those aspects of your self, or those areas of your life, that you would like to change.

These are some of the most common issues people seek Hypnosis for, and more will follow in the near future. Each CD is printed with the quality designs shown below and come in a strong, elegant, slimline, Clam Shell Case. The prices are shown below and include FREE Postage and Packaging.

Please check out my prices and offers page, or contact me, for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Improve Self-Esteem

Hypnosis Sample from CD

Free from Stress

Hypnosis Taster from CD

Improve Self-Esteem Hypnosis CD Wrap yourself in the comfort and warmth of this Self-Esteem Hypnosis CD. Give yourself a positive lift and feel better about your self, your value and your worth. You deserve to feel good about yourself!
Free From Stress Hypnosis CD Relax and unwind with this calming Hypnosis CD. Create for yourself a life where you are Free from Stress, using the powerful imagery and visualisation this CD offers.
Improved Revision and Study Habits A powerful visualisation exercise and some positive affirmations to help you improve your study habits, and to help you feel confident, focused and motivated as you approach your coursework deadlines and your exams.
Confidence in Exams A powerful visualisation exercise and some positive affirmations to help you believe in your own abilities and to feel confident in your exams. It will help you feel prepared, focused, and motivated as you approach your exams, and when you sit them.
CDs Made to Order Contact HypnoChange4U to arrange your FREE telephone consultation and order your personalised Hypnotherapy CD.