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Caronavirus Pandemic: Self-Care

Personalised Hypnotherapy Recordings £25

Phone/Web Counselling from £45

Remote Hypnotherapy from £65

Phone/Web Mindfulness/Meditation Sessions from £15

CALLTODAY - 07919990804 !!!

Free Mindfulness/Meditation Sessions

With anxiety and stress levels soaring, as a consequence of the Coronavirus Crisis, I started these Session to give some support globally, to adults, children, and families as we navigate the uncertainty of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Whilst we are all in Lockdown together, but apart, I hope this brings some calm and peace to many.

#Bringingrelaxationtothenations. Lets all relax together.

Please DO NOT listen to these video's when driving, operating machinery, or doing anything that requires your full attention.

Introduction to Free Mindfulness/Meditation sessions

During this unusual global coronavirus crisis, I wanted to provided some sort of support for people, as they navigate this challenging time, in addition to my private work as a therapist. Therefore,...

Mindful Monday (30th March) Meditation Session

In this first free Mindfulness session, you can enjoy tuning in to your breathing, and relaxing each muscle group. This will take you to a deep and comfortable state of relaxation, and can help you to...

Feel Good Friday's 3rd April Meditation

This session aims to bring feelings of calm and alleviate any stress and anxiety. Let’s all relax together. I’m a hypnotherapist, counsellor, and mindfulness coach, and, through these free mindfulne...

Wellbeing Wednesday 8th April Mindful Meditation

Welcome to Wednesday’s Well-being Mindful Meditation session, designed to give you warm feelings of loving kindness towards yourself, and other people. Please enjoy this quiet moment for yourself, or ...

Meditation Monday (13th April) - Balloon Mediation and a Challenge

Welcome to Monday's Mediation, brought to you by me, Tamzin Brain-Evans, from HypnoChange4U. Imagine floating like a balloon, high in the sky, and experiencing a wonderful feeling of being light and...

Taster Meditation Session

Here is a little warm up for tomorrows online meditation session. I hope you all find it both relaxing and beneficial. Feel Free to tune in tomorrow (Monday 30th March) at 9:35am, and please share wit...

Wellbeing Wednesday's (1st April) Meditation

Today's wellbeing Wednesday meditation session demonstrates a simple, but effective breathing technique, which can be particularly helpful for teaching those who are not very familiar with these type ...

Meditation Monday 6th April

Welcome to meditation Monday, ready for some butterfly breaths? Lets all relax together.Thank you for your interest and support, please continue to like, share, follow, comment, interact on facebo...

Feel Good-Friday's (10th April) Meditation

Welcome to Feel Good-Friday's Meditation Session, delivered by myself, Tamzin Brain-Evans, from HypnoChange4U. In this wonderful session you will take a trip to a beautiful place, and meet a being o...